Barre3 | Lisa Poplawski

What: barre3 is an adaptive workout that combines yoga and pilates. Combining large movements, small movements, and isometric holds, b3 is a whole body workout that delivers a deep muscle burn while provoking mindfulness.

Where: Pearl District, Southeast, Williams, Cedar Mill, Kruse Village, plus over 100 locations across the country

Tips: Get a spot at the barre close to the mirror so you can pay attention to your alignment and form. Trust me when I say feel free do you: go all out or don’t. No one cares what you’re doing!

Barre3 Instructor: Lisa Poplawski

I took class at the Southeast studio with Lisa Poplawski, an attorney-by-day-instructor-by-night. Lisa just came up on her three year teaching anniversary, and she teaches the same classes that she did when she first became an instructor. Warm up had me sweatin’ bullets within the first five minutes. I normally despise carousel horse (think lunge), but Lisa’s series was a blast. It was hard but she took us through a flow that almost made me forget that I was in my least favorite posture. What I loved the most about Lisa’s class was her vocal energy. The things that she says are meaningful and she makes the class exciting by using her voice. When you are at your edge and you don’t think you can go any longer, she brings the inspiration to get you to push past that mental block.

CZ: What brought you to barre3?

LP: I walked past the studio (I didn’t have a car for 6 years), and thought I would give it a try. I was a competitive gymnast growing up, and I wanted to find a fitness routine that worked for me, where I wouldn’t get injured. I took the 6AM class with Harper— one of Harper’s first classes as an instructor (Harper Kalin is a master trainer at barre3). I had an amazing experience, and the class was hard. It was the first time I heard: “You don’t have to if it doesn’t feel good.” I fell in love with the workout and was a client for a few years. An instructor asked me to become an instructor, but I was in my first year as an attorney and didn’t know if I would have the time. I went through the audition process the next year.

CZ: How do you want your clients to feel when they come out of your class?

LP: I want them to feel a sense of pride and contentment with their own bodies. Either in pushing themselves or taking it easy.

CZ: What drives the energy in your class?

LP: My body language and also the music. I try to get low with clients and move throughout the room.

CZ: How do you stay inspired as an instructor?

LP: Being with the clients and people in the class. It’s powerful that people come here to help themselves, have a better day, have a better month, etc.

CZ: What would you say to someone who wants to try your class but is too nervous to come?

LP: You need to just try it. Trust yourself to give it a try. Take what you need, leave what you don’t— the same things that resonated with me.

CZ: How would you describe your class vibe in one word?

LP: Powerful.


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